Our Strategy to Health Care Development

1. Establishing and supporting Health Care Centers in developing countries with the goal of increasing access to affordable, quality health care. As health care centers grow, they become largely self-supporting, in which case we assist with specific needs for land, buildings, renovations, and equipment, as able.

2. Facilitating 1 and 2-week Project Teams that work alongside our in-country Project Directors and facilities to build medical capacity for the long term. Project Teams are planned in response to local health care needs, following an invitation from the local community. We often partner with local churches.

3. Support Residency Training and Fellowship Programs for medical professionals to expand the skills of international doctors.We seek to establish medical platforms for service and education that build medical capacity for those that need it most. We endeavor to establish long term programs and facilities that address these needs.  

4. We ask the patients to invest in their care. When they do, they follow the doctor’s orders and treat the medicine, equipment, etc. they receive well.  We don’t want to create a paternalistic, dependence mentality.