Primary & Preventive Care Program

Our Primary Care Program is designed to deliver a variety of interventions essential to addressing individual patient concerns and the long-term health of communities. These services include: consultations, lab procedures, filling prescriptions, parasite treatments, sonograms, audiology screening, ear cleanings, and wellness checks.

Integrated Health

Our Prevention and Education Programs focus on Integrated Health, including private and community health education, private counselling, and spiritual well-being. Integrated Health Teams work alongside Medical Teams to broaden and enhance people’s perspectives on wellness and spiritual care. These teams empower people with the skills, knowledge, and the basic tools needed to identify and address health issues before an illness becomes life-threatening.

Health Education..a part of everything we do! Elizabeth Seunarine, RN

Health Education..a part of everything we do! Elizabeth Seunarine, RN

19,208 Primary Care Patients in 2018

$5,245,155 Total Value of Services in 2018


Auditory Care

Hearing impairment can have a serious impact on speech development, communication, learning, and social integration. In developing countries, hearing issues are seldom assessed and hearing impaired children are frequently abandoned.

Many adults treated by our auditory program have issues that can be addressed with simple, basic treatments, such as wax removal. For children, proper auditory rehabilitation services are crucial for speech development. We provide preventative services and intervention including screenings, examinations, ear cleanings, hearing aids, and other hearing services aimed at addressing an individual patient’s level of hearing loss.