Women's Health Program


With a $75,000 grant from Stronger Together in 2017, Medical Ministry International partnered with Eve Medical to pilot a HPV screening program for women in remote communities along the Colombian Amazon and tributaries using new Canadian medical technology. Women that carry a high risk HPV strain are susceptible to cervical cancer, the most frequent cancer in this population. By testing for common STIs, Medical Ministry International also identifies and ensures treatment for women who may experience infertility, ectopic pregnancy, miscarriage, preterm delivery, or health risks for their newborns.

Medical professionals in Amazon clinics utilize HerSwabTM technology, designed and manufactured in Canada, to perform pap smears for Amazon tribal women. Once collected, samples are transported to a lab for HPV and STI testing in Bogota, Colombia. 

Results are collected and tracked by MMI Amazon staff. The women with positive HPV results are transported and connected to a follow-up program executed by Dr. Gutierrez, the gynaecologist at the Medical Ministry International partner health center, Clinica Leticia. Dr. Javier holds a Masters in Epidemiology and has 20 years experience in the Amazon. Each woman receives additional diagnostic care, specialized treatment, and if necessary, surgery and cancer treatment. The cost of treatment provided by Clinica Leticia will be government-funded. MMI Amazon has successfully bridged this gap in the Colombian health care system by identifying patients on Medical Ministry International medical teams who required advanced follow up from Clinica Leticia.

Women's Health statistics are included in Primary & Preventative Care.