Joining an MMI Project


MMI has prepared this webpage of resources which is applicable for most of our projects teams. For country specific information including entry/exit requirements, immunizations, air travel and accommodations, please see the ‘Countries’ drop down from the navigation bar at the top of the website. You will receive specific details about your own project via email prior to your departure.

You will be member of a unique team. Together all the members will bring different specialties, skills, and gifts which when combined will bring about great change in the lives of others. We ask for your patience and flexibility as you travel, live and serve with the group.




Resources for Participants Travelling on a Project

Emergency Evacuation Insurance & Basic Out of Country Medical Insurance


Gallaghers Insurance Coverage Outline

MMI purchases an emergency evacuation policy with basic out of country medical insurance for all participants for the duration of the project. The costs are included in the quoted Project Participation Donation. MMI recommends you review the details of the Gallaghers Insurance Policy and purchase additional medical coverage, if you desire.


Cancellation Policy

MMI Project Donations are non-refundable unless the entire project is cancelled by MMI. In the event of participant cancellation, donations may be redesignated for medications and supplies for the project, for MMI’s greatest need, or for another project within one year.

Resources for Organizing Supplies & Medications

Clinic preparation

Health cards: cut in 4 and paste on cardstock or greeting cards

          General Health        Surgical Care     Oral Care

          Physical Therapy     Eye Care            Noise Prevention

MMI Pharmacy/Post-Op Bag Instructions


patient gifts

Equipment & supplies are first priority, but if you have room in your personal suitcase and you would like to bring some gifts for the patients, the following items are suggested:

  • Small toys (Happy Meal toys, Beanie Babies, tennis balls, etc.)
  • Knitted Dolls (see Knitted Doll Pattern)
  • School supplies (pencils, erasers, pens, stickers, etc.)
  • Travel size toiletries, toothbrushes
  • Bibles
  • Please do not bring any candy to give to the children or patients!
        Pharmacy/Post-Op Bag Instructions

        Pharmacy/Post-Op Bag Instructions

Knitted Doll Pattern

Knitted Doll Pattern

Supply Lists

All supplies coming with participants in luggage need to be documented on the country-specific Supply List and sent by email to prior to your project. Please be sure to download the PDF to your computer first, and then fill out the form. If you fill out the form in the web version, and then download it to save it, you will lose what you typed.