Dear MMI Friends in Florida

Many of you have been long time supporters and participants with Medical Ministry International. You have travelled and served in areas of need in our world as we provide health care in the name of Jesus. Some of you have joined us in prayer for those in the countries we serve. As you deal with the effects of Hurricane Irma, we would like you to know the MMI family is praying for you. As an office staff, we join together once a week, not only to discuss upcoming plans for the ministry, but also to commit the ministry to prayer. We pray for our project teams, our leaders, and our volunteers.  Thank you to those of you who have communicated to let us know you have temporarily re-situated, shared details so we can pray for you more specifically, and also shared thanks for limited damage in your areas.

Thank you for being part of the MMI family and caring in others. This week, please know we care for you specifically. May God bring you and your families comfort during these challenging days.

In Him,

Leanne Ferris, Executive Director