Dr. James GodschalxXbox One or Playstation 4?  How do you decide?  Ultimately your decision will probably be based on a combination of factors including price, available games, and brand loyalty, but a large part, no doubt, will be based on performance.  Which system gives the most realistic game play, the clearest pictures, etc.?

Performance of computers and gaming systems is primarily determined by the performance of the microprocessor and associated integrated circuits making up the system.  In turn the performance of the integrated circuits is dependent on the design and the materials that go into their fabrication.  Material properties such as dielectric constant, dissipation factor, thermal stability, moisture uptake, etc. are all important to achieve the ultimate in performance.  Experience in design and synthesis of new materials, as well as the materials science behind the material’s design, are key to successfully developing a market leading product.

MMI researchers have extensive experience in developing new organic polymeric materials for a wide variety of applications including microelectronics, printed wiring boards, and composites as well as membranes, optics, paints, coatings, and the like.  This diverse experience is invaluable when solving new problems as one never knows where the solution will come from.  An idea being explored for high speed aircraft wing structures might very well have applicability to improve the performance of the next generation Playstation.  Wouldn’t you want your gaming system to be as fast as the F-22 Raptor?  MMI can help maximize the performance of your systems through innovative use of new polymeric materials.