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Online Application Now Available

 Total donations needed to cover project expenses are listed per project on Canadian Applicant and American Applicant link.  Travel is additional.

 If you have been on a team with MMI in the past, and MMI Canada has your current email address, then the application process is streamlined.  Save time by clicking the button below to log in and begin your application.  You can use the forgot password button to change your login password.  Once you have logged in, choose the option "Apply for a Project" under "What would you like to do?"   

First time applicants, please click here to begin the application process.  A new account will be set up for you as part of the application process.   


Paper Based Applications

You can still use our paper based pdf application.  Download and complete this Application Form.  Email a scan of your completed application to  A $100 donation is required to process your application which will be credited against the total project donation amount.  Donations for airfare are additional.  

Canadian Applicants: please submit your $100 CAD application donation to MMI Canada here.  

US Applicants: please submit your $100 USD application to I Care San Antonio for your MMI Canada project.  Follow the link below and click "Donate" part way down the next screen. Please complete the "Purpose" comment box with the purpose of your donation.( i.e. Project country, date and your name).  Please click here to make your online donation.  

Checks may also be mailed to:

I Care San Antonio
1 Haven for Hope Way, Suite 200
San Antonio, TX, 78207

Acceptance Notification

We will notify you when your application has been accepted.  The application donation of $100 must be received before the application can be processed and will be applied to the total project donation. 

Travel Arrangements

Once you have been accepted on the Project, we will provide our designated travel agent information so that you can arrange your travel.

Canadian Applicants: Donations for travel are in addition to the Participant Project Donation.

US Applicants: Travel costs are arranged individually and are in addition to the Participant Project Donation.